A word about Villa Di Mare

Villa Di Mare is located at the cosmopolitan area of Ixia. It was once known as Miramare and it was the first hotel in Rhodes. The recent renovation captures again and in the best way the glamour of the past. A resort that became a must see location for everyone that visits or stays in the island, is giving the opportunity with its luxury fourteen suites to experience the same feelings some historical guests like Aristotelis Onassis, Winston Churchill, Maria Kallas and many others once had.

Right at the center of the sweeping bay of Ixia and only a few kilometers from the old town, it seduces visitors with the high quality of services (Certificate of Excellence, choice of the year), the famous cocktails (Best Greek Cocktail 2013, by IBA), the exceptional Mediterranean cuisine (Best Dessert of the year 2013, UK), and its elegant decoration. It has been characterized as “the best place to enjoy the Island’s sunset”. Villa Di Mare is the ultimate resort for all people seeking rhythm, luxury and glamour.

Things to do

Water sports

Windsurfing, Jet skiing and Scuba diving activities are just two minutes away from the hotel. Lessons also provided.

Horseback riding

The horseback riding group is located only fifteen minutes by car away from the hotel. You could take a ride with the horses on the mountain along with the experienced staff. There are ponies for children. Lessons also provided.

Sightseeing and Attractions

  • Butterfly valley 13km / 8 mi
  • Acropolis of Rhodes – 3.2 km / 1.9 mi
  • Temple of Apollo – 3.2 km / 1.9 mi
  • Hellenistic Stadium - 2.7 km / 1.7 mi
  • Rodini Park – 4 km / 2.4 mi
  • Old town 4.4 km / 2.7 mi
  • Magisters Castle – 4.4 km / 2.7 mi
  • Kahal Shalom Synagogue – 4.7 km / 2.9 mi
  • Rhodes St. Francis Church - 4 km /2.4mi
  • filerimos monastery 3km /1.8 mi
  • Museum of Rhodes – 4.6 km / 2.8 mi
  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes – 4.3 km / 2.6 mi
  • Seven Springs 30km / 18 mi
  • Kalithea 18 km / 11 mi
  • Faliraki 20 km/ 12 mi
  • Lindos 50km / 31 mi
  • Prasonisi 80km / 49 mi

Features & Amenities