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Villa Di Mare is a historical building located right on the sea of Ixian bay. It was once known as MiraMare and it is the first hotel in Rhodes established in 1925. The recent innovation offers again, and in the best way, the glamour of the past. The resort that became a must see location for everyone that visits or stays in the island, is giving the opportunity to all its guests to experience the same feelings some historical figures such as Aristotle Onassis, Winston Churchill, Maria Kallas and many others once had. In 2018 a new section of eight newly built suites with private swimming pools will operate.

Dishes from Villa Di Mare’s cuisine have been awarded with Gold Medal at the Escoffier Challenge by ACAF in the UK and Silver Medal “Fish dish” at the International Culinary Competition by WACS. Villa Di Mare is also known for its signature cocktails that have won Gold Medal in 2013 and Silver Medal in 2016 and 2017 at the national competition by the Hellenic Barmen Society. It has been constantly awarded with Certificate of Excellence the last seven (7) years in a row.

It is identified as “The best place to enjoy the island’s sunset”. Villa Di Mare is an innovative resort for all the people that seek true experience of the island’s lifestyle.

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