Is the Pool Bar open to the public?

Villa Di Mare’s pool is open to the public. Any outside guests (who are not staying at the hotel) can come and enjoy a coffee, beer, cocktails, wine and spirits all day long. To use the premises the consumption is required. The pool bar is open from 09.00am to 01.00 am. Villa Di Mare Bar is one of the best bars in Rhodes and the ultimate experience of fine cocktail making right next to the sea. 


Can visitors use in the swimming pool?

Villa Di Mare’s swimming pool is open to the public.  Visitors can enjoy our exclusive service right next to the pool or the sea. It is recommended to reserve a sunbed. Hotel guests have priority on the sunbeds. To use the premises and the swimming pool a minimum consumption of 5 euros per sunbed is required. The swimming pool opens at 09.00 until 19.00. Last order 18.45. After the pool closes guests can continue enjoying themselves at the bar or the restaurant area. 


Are children allowed in the swimming pool?

The kids are allowed to use the swimming pool from 09.00 until 13.00 o clock. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the main swimming pool but only at the kids one. 


Does Villa Di Mare have private beach?

Villa Di Mare has a private area on the beach with sunbeds exclusively for our guests. Any guest who is using its premises can enjoy the beach area. It is also the best place to enjoy the sunset. To use the sunbeds on the beach there is a 5 euro charge plus the consumption of any beverage or food. 



Is the restaurant open to the public?

The restaurant is open to the public all day long. It serves Mediterranean cuisine and Greek dishes with modern creations. It serves fresh fish every day and many meat varieties. You can also enjoy your breakfast right next to the sea. In order to get a great table to enjoy the sunset a reservation is recommended. There are also theme days with degustation menus such as Lobster Degustation menu and Traditional Greek menu. There is a great variety of Greek and International wines. 

The Breakfast is open from 09.00 until 12.00. Lunch from 12.00 - 17.00 and dinner from 17.00- 00.00. There is no buffet at the restaurant we serve only a la carte all day. 

Villa Di Mare is one of the best restaurants in Rhodes. It has received many awards and it is the ultimate experience of fine dining right next to the beach


Does the restaurant have food varieties?

Villa Di Mare restaurant has mainly healthy Mediterranean and Greek cuisine but is also serves vegetarian and gluten free options. On the spot it can create vegan dishes exclusively for any guest. The guest must inform the waiter in case of any allergies. 



Does Villa Di Mare host receptions, proposals and birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoon?

Villa Di Mare’s staff can make any special day of yours exceptional. More and more every year people choose Villa DI Mare to make their proposal to their loved ones. Most preferable on the sunset hour. Any decoration is possible if you have some specific requirements or we can suggest some. 

Also, Villa Di Mare is great place to celebrate your birthday or anniversary, either with a fine dinner or at the bar with some magnificent cocktails from our awarded bartenders. We have a great variety of champagnes and fine wine list. 

Villa Di Mare is the ultimate spot for honeymooners. It is highly recommended to choose one of our sea front suites. Private dining and cocktail making in your room is available at request. 

For receptions we have several packages available to enjoy your moment with friends and family. For further information and requests please contact [email protected]


Is Villa Di Mare a boutique hotel?

Villa Di Mare is small luxury suite only hotel, it has not been described as boutique but its décor, design and its services certainly verify it as one



What time is the check in and Check out?

Check in is at 15.00 and Check out at 11.00


How is the weather in Rhodes?

From April, which is the beginning of the season, until May the weather is mostly sunny with occasional rains. The temperature is usually from 30C to 17C. You can easily enjoy the sun and at night all you need is a jacket. It may also have some mild winds 

June, July and August the temperature rises. Sometimes it can reach 38 and at night 25, which all what the summer is about in Greece. Very rarely it might rain these months. It may also have some mild winds

September and October the temperatures and weather conditions are similar to the beginning of the season (April and May). Winds are rare at these months. 


How is the neighborhood near Villa Di Mare?

There are a lot of things to do near Villa Di Mare. There many mini markets right opposite the street where you can find everything from food to souvenirs to sun block creams. There are a few pubs that they play sports games in many screens and a few restaurants. Tip: ask the reception where to eat so you do not stop in a tourist restaurant but enjoy nice restaurants and taverns that the locals prefer too.  The neighborhood is good and safe since there are other 5 stars hotels in the area as well. Bus station is only 50 meters away and taxi always on call for you. 



Is Villa Di Mare environmentally friendly?

Yes. We have adopted procedures to minimize the water consumption as well save on the energy levels. In 2020 we have upgraded our swimming pools cleaning machines to new ones in order to work more effectively and efficiently as well as with lower energy levels. We have regular maintenance to avoid any leaks and regular staff training for better water usage. We also have encouraged out guests to participate in some of the procedures such as the repeatable usage of the towels. We also have signs and information paper in each suite.

By 2020 we have changed almost all our lamps to led. In all the new suites we have already installed A+ or A++ air-conditions and fridges and every year we make similar adaptations to the older suites. 

We are committed to recycle glass and plastic. Villa Di Mare is receiving a certificate every year. 


Is Greece safe to travel?

Greece is a very safe country to visit. Crimes against tourists include pick-pocketing and purse-stealing



Is Rhodes Safe to travel?

Rhodes is one of the safest places to visit in Greece. The crime is very low and it makes it possible to walk around the island at almost anytime during day or night. Rhodes is definitely worth to visit 

A low frequent risk is that you may come across is drunk young people who might get in to a fight, pick-pocketing or taxi drivers who might take advantage of the meters. We recommend to ask the reception to suggest you places to visit and arrange transportation for you. 

Also be careful while driving since the streets are crowed with cars by tourists and locals 


Is Villa Di Mare safe to visit?

Villa Di Mare is one of the safest hotels in Rhodes. We have CCTV operating that the public areas and we have not had any reported crime of any kind towards our guests. 



Villa Di Mare’s measures in COVID-19

Greece is one the first countries to adapt the lockdown procedures quickly, therefore the confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far has been relatively low. In Rhodes there have only four cases. 

Villa Di Mare wish to inform you that its guests and team members’ safety and security is top priority. 

There have been updates out cleaning and hygiene protocols

We have enhanced our hygiene standards and procedures both for guest rooms and public areas according to the regulations by the Greek government, Ministry of Tourism, Hotel Association and WHO

Our members are receiving continuous seminars and ongoing training on hygiene and disinfecting procedures from handwashing to cleaning products and surfaces with particular focus on high touched items

We increase the frequency of cleaning in public areas with great focus on door handles, elevator, public bathrooms

We install disinfecting machines in our public areas

We closely monitor updates 

It is our responsibility to be alert and protect you and our team in these unfortunate situations. We are in close consultation with our local public health authorities and monitoring any updates has been stated on COVID-10 by the World Health Organization and Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.