Rhodes Island


An island made for holidays!


The Island of Sun & Good Times

Visitors from every corner of the world and every era of time have always found Rhodes irresistible; an island with so many beauties to offer! Blessed with endless sunlight and surrounded by the clearest, bluest seas the Mediterranean had to offer, Rhodes is before all else a genuine summer destination. Its endless, diverse beaches can please even the pickiest beachgoer, and the modern facilities and water sports selection available can excite everyone! Its rich history dates back to antiquity and makes up for an abounding selection of sightseeing gems and impressive locations, keeping the inquisitive part of you busy for days. At the same time, the island’s cosmopolitan character provides an extravagant selection of entertainment venues to please every taste, a rich and colourful nightlife that keeps you constantly on your feet. Rhodes is simply perfect; let us introduce you to the island that will steal your heart!


A History of Wonders

Ancient Greek Mythology claims that a lush island sprung from the sea as a precious gift to Helios, the God of the Sun; Homer stated that the three flourishing cities of Rhodes contributed many ships and soldiers to the Trojan War; History proves that Rhodes was a coveted destination since the beginning of time! On the crossroad between the East and the West, Rhodes Island was influenced by countless civilizations; each left their distinguishing mark on the island. The ruins of the highly advanced ancient cities of Rhodes, Lindos, Kamiros and Ialysos attest to that, and the fact that it homed one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Colossus, proves without a doubt that Rhodes was a mighty stronghold of culture. During the Crusades, the Knights of Saint John chose Rhodes as their basis in the Aegean, and the treasures they left behind, such as the magnificent Old Town are beyond priceless. A stroll around Rhodes is like a walk through the history of this land, and it never ceases to amaze!


The Golden Beaches

Miles and miles of inviting golden sands; rocky coves that take your breath away; crystalline waters you can’t wait to dive in! Swimming is perhaps the signature activity of Rhodes, and it is almost impossible to find a beach you don’t like! From the sandy Faliraki, the epicentre of beach fun and water sports, Tsambika, Afandou and Kiotari, to the intimate and alluring coves of Kalithea, Ladiko, Antony Quinn, Stegna, Lindos and Pefki, or to the atmospheric sunsets of Ixia, Kritinia and Monolithos, the beaches of Rhodes are diverse but enchanting. Most are fully organized, with secluded corners for those who prefer unspoilt locations, and all are simply beautiful. Explore them all and pick your favourite!


The Best of Rhodes Sightseeing

Rhodes Island has so much to offer where sightseeing is concerned. The city of Rhodes is home to the spectacular Old Town, a living and breathing Medieval Town that has remained inhabited since its construction, a spot that offers numerous noteworthy sites to look for; the Grand Magister’s Palace, the Archaeological Museum, Panagia of the Castle and the Street of the Knights, just to name a few. The Aquarium, on the northern tip of the island, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Neoclassical town centre are some of the spots you should look for when in Rhodes city, whereas beyond the city’s limits the Ancient Stadium and the Temple of Apollo on Monte Smith, Filerimos Hill, the ancient city of Kamiros and the unique traditional Lindos Village are amongst the top sightseeing destinations on the island. Spots of immense natural beauty are the famous Valley of the Butterflies and the Seven Springs, whereas in the mountainous areas of Rhodes you might encounter intriguing wildlife such as the unique local deer, as well as spectacular views to the sea.


Rhodes- Only Activities

An abundance of exciting and diverse activities guarantees a holiday that everyone can deeply enjoy! Starting from the most obvious, water-based activities, around the beaches of Rhodes you can find every type of water sport available, whereas numerous options for cruising around the coastline can take you to breath-taking spots for swimming and exploring. Other ways to discover the hidden beauties of Rhodes Island include ATV, car and motorbike rentals, horse-back riding, hiking, biking and climbing, whereas there are numerous options for guided tours and excursions that combine your favourite activities. Some beaches of Rhodes are popular among windsurfers and kite surfers due to their high winds, whereas others are perfect for scuba diving and underwater fishing. At the beach, in front of Villa di Mare, you will find plenty of windsurfing and other water sports facilities. Moreover, the Villa di Mare concierge is at your utter disposal to help you select and arrange the activities you enjoy the most!